Our Vision

Drawing others to healing transformation through an authentic relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

Zechariah House of Healing provides a safe haven to experience healing; mind, body, and spirit through prayer, resources, education and retreats.  Honoring and affirming each person’s unique and intrinsic value, we are authentic witnesses of companionship and hospitality modeled after the home of Zechariah and Elizabeth.


Our Founding

With ever expanding needs for services, the changes in our world due to COVID-19, the termination of the lease on the building used as the Elizabeth Ministry International Headquarters, and the founders’ desire to retire, a strategic plan was launched to find new ways to carry out the mission begun by Elizabeth Ministry International. As a result, we expanded the locations for Elizabeth Ministry services and the new leadership team. Instead of trying to handle all the aspects of the ministry in one location, it is now divided between multiple facilities with designated staff under a shared Board of Directors.

Zechariah House of Healing is home to an expansion of the Elizabeth  Ministry’ International Retreat and Production Center. It includes its Visitation Chapel, Retreat Center offering overnight pre and post spiritual experience to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Retreat offerings through the year,  the RECLAIM Sexual Health NAVIGATE Betrayal programs, a local Elizabeth Ministry Childbearing Chapter, and a Production Studio. Zechariah House of Healing is located at the former St. Mary’s Rectory in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Those who have fond memories of the Elizabeth Ministry Center located at the former St. Mary’s Convent in Kaukauna, will be happy to know that through a collaborative effort with the Kaukauna Catholic Parishes, we will continue to be able to use the facility for retreats and other events.

The Zechariah House of Healing is also the home of our Production Studio for podcasts, videos, books, and learning management system programming. We have been blessed with an amazing team of dedicated individuals who worked to produce our newest online offering, NAVIGATE Betrayal, a program for spouses who have experienced sexual betrayal. Additional programs will be created in collaboration with a variety of other national and local organizations.
Its new House Hosts Paul and Carol Quist, a dynamic Catholic Couple featured on EWTN's The Journey Home and Relevant Radio's Drew Mariani Show will lead retreats in preparation to the National Shrine, marriage retreats and other Elizabeth Ministry Spiritual Days of Reflection. 
The new Elizabeth Ministry International gift shop and chapter headquarters is housed in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, with Krys Crawley serving as Executive Director of Elizabeth Ministry International and its retreat center. Krys has been a stellar director of a parish Elizabeth Ministry Chapter and the Director of Life’s Connection, the first Elizabeth Ministry Pregnancy Resource Center affiliate. Krys has been mentored for years by Jeannie Hannemann, the founder of Elizabeth Ministry and Elizabeth Ministry Board member, Vicki Thorn, the founder of Project Rachel.

Under the guidance of Bishop David Ricken, the Elizabeth Ministry International’s Ecclesial Advisor, The Zechariah House of Healing will expand our prayer support endeavors in 2023. We also have over 90 Religious Communities of nuns around the United States joining us in praying daily for all those who seek our intercession on their behalf.

Our Eucharistic Chapel will be open for individual and communal prayer. We continue offering our Mother & Daughter Retreats, Father & Son Retreats, and are doing a needs analysis to identify other types of retreats to offer.

Following Elizabeth Ministries Franciscan roots, Zechariah House of Healing takes on that charism as well. We are relying on the generosity of donors and volunteers to renovate and help grow and serve those coming to our ministry. While some forms of spirituality focus on the divinity of Christ and the transcendence of God, we follow Franciscan spirituality that looks intently on the humanness of Jesus and embraces the power of redemptive suffering. Following the example of the many Franciscans who have taught us that God took flesh and became one of us not because of sin, but because of love, we seek to bring the healing love of Jesus to those we serve. Franciscan spirituality is a community experience. We believe that we learn from one another’s life journey. While some spiritual traditions are centered on unity and conformity, Franciscan spirituality acknowledges the charism given to each individual person by the Holy Spirit.