Meet Our Team

We, the Zechariah House of Healing Team, are made up of individuals with various educational and vocational backgrounds and are of all ages.  What unifies us is our Catholic faith and our joyful desire to help heal and save souls.  Our key team members have special trainings to help best lead healing and retreat ministry.  We take our role as witnesses of Christ and His church very seriously as we invite those around us to deepen their faith by the retreats and resources we provide.

Alexa Harbor


Greetings in Christ!  My name is Alexa and it is an absolute honor to be the director of Zechariah House of Healing.  After several years of discernment, I shared with Jeannie Hannemann, founder of Elizabeth Ministry International, a deep calling placed on my heart to lead a ministry geared towards healing hearts and saving souls.  Allowing our Lord's Divine Providence to move, here we are!  I received formation at Mater Redemptoris House of Formation with the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. I served two years on SPIRITUS Ministries, first as a retreat missionary and my second as a Servant Leader.  Between my two years with SPIRITUS, I coordinated Totus Tuus for the Diocese of Green Bay

I have a background in Special Education and Business and Marketing.  I received training in healing ministry from John Paul II Healing Center, Elijah House Ministries, and Encounter Ministries.  Before the founding of Zechariah House, I was the Mission Director of Elizabeth Ministry International.  I am the Media Producer of NAVIGATE Betrayal and Reclaim Resources, LLC.  I can't wait to see what our Lord has in store for this much needed ministry!  Please pray for us!

Whitney Stager, M.S., LMFT, CCPS

Mission Coordinator

My name is Whitney Stager and I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have been honored to be a part of Elizabeth Ministry International since 1999. As a therapist, I know very well the power of a visit!

I studied at Western Michigan University where I received a Bachelors of Science in Child Development and Family Studies.  I received my Master's Degree in Child Development and Family Studies with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from Purdue University-Calumet.

 I have specialized training in couples therapy, including the Gottman Method and the Pragmatic-Experiential Therapy for Couples.  I also am a Certified Counselor Partner Specialist (CCPS), which is a certification earned through APSATS – the Association of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists.  This certification is aimed at helping partners of sex and/or porn addicts on their journey to healing.  I am also a trained Natural Family Planning instructor.  

I am excited to be on the team as the Mission Coordinator. I have received training in healing ministry from John Paul II Healing Center. It is my hope that this new ministry will help people on the path to hope and healing.

Ken Stager

Board President

My name is Ken Stager and I have been a volunteer at Elizabeth Ministry International since 2000 and am honored to serve as the President of the Board of Directors.  I have volunteered for many years doing Marriage Preparation in the Diocese of Green Bay and am a trained Natural Family Planning instructor. 

I attended Western Michigan University where I received a Bachelors of Science in Paper Engineering (Applied Chemical Engineering).  Since then, I have held various positions in the engineering, sales and management areas both domestically and internationally. 

In addition to my duties on the Board, I am excited to be on the team as a “catch all” volunteer as well as a Prayer Minister. I have received healing ministry training from the John Paul II Healing Center.  I have faith that God will utilize this ministry program to provide healing to many individuals in the future.

Connor Schlaak

Ministry Team Member

My name is Connor Schlaack.  I first became involved in the work of ZHOH through assisting with the development of NAVIGATE Betrayal and have continued to be devoted to bringing others closer to the heart of Christ in the Zechariah House's apostolate.  I am passionate about faith, spiritual formation, and the integration of prayer with everyday life.  I have a background in Philosophy and Catholic Studies from the University of St. Thomas and am a former seminarian for the Diocese of Green Bay, studying Master of Divinity education at St. Francis de Sales Seminary.  I recently received the "I AM" healing training through the John Paul II Healing Center.

My experience of caring for the vulnerable and more deeply receiving the love of God has lead me to begin to learn more about Christ's healing work through the sacraments and the life of grace.  I am also an avid cook, and enjoy sharing a good meal with friends.

Martina Parson

Pastoral Assistant

Hi, my name is Tina, and I am one of the house hosts at Zechariah House of Healing. I graduated from the University of Mary in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Pastoral Ministry. I have been doing retreat ministry for over six years now, serving on SPIRITUS and Totus Tuus.  I love being able to help others find healing through growing in their relationship with the Lord.  I received special healing training through Elijah House Ministries and Encounter Ministries.   My passion for hospitality comes from seeing Christ in each person I meet as well as working and learning from the ways of Paccem in Terris.  I would love to pray for you and any of your intentions.  Please email me at: [email protected] Thank you and God bless you!

Toni Rudiger

Head House Host

My name is Toni Rudiger and I am a house host at Zechariah House of Healing. I served with SPIRITUS Ministries for two years, first as a retreat team missionary and then as a Servant Leader. I was an Aspirant at Mater Redemptoris House of Formation with the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George and received higher education at Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids. I have been on many mission trips, lead youth events, and have a passion for helping others however needed.  If you have any questions while you are here, I am happy to assist you. I'm excited to see where God will lead this ministry.

Wesley Beyer

Music Ministry

I started volunteering with Elizabeth Ministry International in 2018 after spending time with SPIRITUS Ministries as a missionary.  I’ve helped with the NAVIGATE Betrayal program by editing NAVIGATE’s videos and with various other projects when I can. I studied at Northern Michigan University where I majored in Philosophy and minored in Theater Performance. I’m incredibly excited to help pray and serve all those coming to Zechariah House of Healing. 

Collin Killoren

Ministry Team Member

My name is Collin and I have been a volunteer of Zechariah House of Healing since 2020, starting with editing NAVIGATE Betrayal and now on the ZHOH Ministry Team.  I have a degree in Philosophy and spent a year working as a Retreat Ministry Team Member for SPIRITUS Ministries.  I am currently working for the Appleton Xavier School System.  

Bruce Hannemann, M.A.

Cofounder of Elizabeth Ministry International

Bruce is a professional educator with over 30 years of experience teaching chemistry, biology, and other science courses at the college level. His witty personality, genuine compassion, and ability to take complex topics and teach them in a down to earth manner, has made him a popular presenter. At the request of Bishop David Ricken, Bruce shares his story of pornography addiction and recovery in the press, on television, and radio. It is his desire to encourage others to seek help in overcoming porn addiction and heal their relationships. He was instrumental in the collaboration of scientists, psychologists, researchers, electronic learning technicians, and Catholic leaders to create RECLAiM Sexual Health, a state of the art online recovery program for individuals struggling with pornography and other unhealthy sexual behaviors. As the Co-Director of RECLAIM Sexual Health, an author, and public speaker, Bruce has shared his personal pornography addiction recovery story with humility and candor. He is honored to tell his experience of God’s restoration in his life and marriage. Bruce earned a master’s degree in Adult Christian Community Development with a concentration on Adult Learning. His understanding of Theology of the Body combined with specialized training in sex addiction recovery, brain science, and the biochemistry of sexuality, has put an end to the mystery of lust and given him a way to share God’s plan for sexuality with proven answers that have touched the lives of many people across the world. Married for 46 years, he and his wife, Jeannie, are dynamic speakers known for their unique way of bridging science and religion as the “Mad Scientist and the Church Lady.”

Jeannie Hannemann, M.A.

Cofounder of Elizabeth Ministry International

Jeannie is best known as the Founder of Elizabeth Ministry International, offering hope, help, and healing on issues related to sexuality, childbearing, and relationships. She managed the Headquarters for over 700 Elizabeth Ministry Chapters on six continents and operated a Retreat Center for direct service to those in need. She is the Co-Director of RECLAIM Sexual Health and NAVIGATE Betrayal, supporting those who struggle with, or are affected by, sexual sins. Jeannie has over forty-five years of experience assisting families through a variety of formats, including as an Educator, Developmental Guidance Curriculum Developer, Parish Pastoral and Family Life Minister, Catholic Radio Senior Manager, Talk Show Host, On Air Contributor, Consultant, and Retreat Director. Jeannie has a master’s degree in Adult Christian Community Development with a concentration in Family Life. She has specialized training as a Natural Family Planning Instructor, Doula and Childbearing Professional, Early Childhood Specialist, Bereavement Consultant, Chastity Educator, Addiction Recovery Advisor, Partner of Sex Addict Guide, and Healing Prayer Facilitator. Jeannie’s personal journey through her husband’s pornography addiction, extensive family life ministry experiences, and her belief in the power of God’s grace makes her a sought-after confidant and presenter. Jeannie is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant. Her programs have won diocesan, state and national awards within the church and secular community. Drawing from lived experiences, advanced training, and a strong faith, she offers practical tools to help people make wise life decisions, emotional tools for developing healthy relationships, and spiritual tools to transform pain to peace.

Joyce Brucker

Hospitality Team Member

Bio Coming Soon

Matthew Riebe

Ministry Team Member

My name is Matt and I have been volunteering at Zechariah House of Healing since the spring of 2021. Getting connected with ZHOH shortly after moving to the Fox Valley has been an absolute blessing in my life. From helping out on retreats and the day-to-day operations, I could clearly see how the Lord works through the house’s ministries and I am very excited to continue assisting any way I can. I have a degree in Management from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and am currently working for the Diocese of Green Bay.